Animated Maps

In 2010 Chester County, PA received a grant from ABPP of NPS to produce an animated map of troop movements during the Battle of the Brandywine.

To see the animation, click below and when it opens, in the upper right under the time, click the > icon. To add layers, in the upper right is Background/Layers +, just click the + to see choices.  Add Fords and Divisions.

Brandywine Battlefield Animated Map

Sean Moir of the Chester County GIS Dept developed this animated map.  Troop movements are based on Thomas J. McGuire’s “The Philadelphia Campaign”, Vol. 1. The NPS praised the completeness of the maps generated in fulfilling the grant requirements.
In a 5 part presentation on YouTube placed by the Chester County Planning Commission, Sean narrates the battle here. The Planning Commission also placed special features here.

Other animated maps

A link to the Continental troop movements after Brandywine is here. To move to the next page click on the arrow in the lower right of the picture.

Sean Moir also created an animated map of the Battle of Paoli. It can be seen here.

He has animated the major actions and maneuvers during the Philadelphia Campaign. See them all here.

The History Animated website is a powerful student resource.  This links to the Revolution.