2017 Accomplishments

  • Over 2,000 hours of volunteer time given to keep the park open.
  • Four Events drew over 1000+ attendees to learn about 18th century history.
  • Summer History Camp had 126 campers ages 8 to 14.
  • Educational Programs provided to 1000+ students
  • Battlefield Tours exposed 550 visitors to the 35,000 acre historic battlefield landscape.
  • Museum, Washington’s HQ, Gideon Gilpin home, and orientation film attracted nearly 5,000 visitors.
  • Provided internship opportunities for 2 students.
  • 3-lbs grasshopper cannon acquired and replaced on hill to greet visitors.
  • Gideon Gilpin House reopened to tell the social/economic impact of battle for the first time since 2009.
  • Only fully intact Cheval-de-Frise found in Delaware River in 2012 and placed in museum July 2017 as the site’s newest artifact.
  • Preservation of several key core combat zones outside our park to better interpret the large scale of the battle.
  • Continued fiscally prudent operation with 89% of revenue to specific programs.  (The state of PA owns and maintains the park facilities.)
  • Museum shop now has a superb collection of historically relevant books and items.

Thanks for a great year!

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