Daily House Tours

Benjamin Ring House (Washington's HQ)

10:30 am, 1:30 pm (Wed-Sat.)
1:30 pm (Sunday)

Benjamin Ring, a Quaker farmer and miller lived in this residence in 1777 with his wife and large family. Washington used this home as his headquarters from September 9-11, 1777 to meet with his officers and plan the defenses/strategies for the inevitable engagement that would be an attempt to repel Sir William Howe and his advancing British/Hessian forces from taking Philadelphia. This tour covers not only the history of the Ring family, but Washington’s use of the their home as well as pertinent information surrounding the Battle of Brandywine itself.

Gideon Gilpin Home

11:30 am, 2:30 pm (Wed-Sat)
2:30 pm (Sunday)

Gideon Gilpin, also a Quaker, lived here with his family during the Battle of Brandywine.  During a long British occupation in the area following the battle, Mr. Gilpin’s neutral beliefs were put to the test and being a cattle and wheat farmer in the area, he suffered tremendously from looting British soldiers. This tour covers the social/economic impact of the Battle of Brandywine on the local population as well as the history of the Gilpin family and their decisions following the largest land battle of the American Revolution.

Ticket Prices

House Tour, Museum, and Film Package:
$8.00 Adults
$7.00 Seniors, AAA, AARP, Veterans
$5.00 Children (6-12)
Free Children under 6, Active military with ID and family

Museum and Film Package:

Please inform the reception staff if you are a BBPA or PA Trails of History member to receive discount.  We are also a Blue Star Museum.

*Guided Tours are of Interior/First floor of each home ONLY
You are required to meet your guide at each home. Each tour starts promptly at the time it is offered.

Other Offers

For field trips and group tours call Andrew Outten at 610-459-3342 or email him at amoutten@gmail.com. See Education Page on website.

Staff Ride / Bus and Group Battlefield Tours

Tour and Excursion groups from all over the country have visited the Brandywine Battlefield. Since the main park is only the site of the Continental encampment, visitors coming on a charter bus have the opportunity to have a well informed guide board the bus and guide them around the  various sites that encompass the massive landscape that of the actual battle grounds. Bus Groups must have a reservation no sooner than three weeks ahead of their intended visit date. Call for details and pricing.

Staff Rides for military personnel and cadets by our guides cover terrain, troop disposition and maneuver, strategy, communications, leadership, intelligence, and the fog of war. Call for details and pricing.

Cowpens is the classic Revolutionary War staff ride.  See it here.
Brandywine is dramatically different.  Comparing Cowpens to Brandywine:

  • 3,000 troops to 30,000 under arms.
  • Morgan vs Tarleton to Washington vs Howe
  • Went according to Morgan’s plan.  Washington had to scramble to save his army.
  • American victory.  British victory.

Some questions answered on the staff ride:

  • Why did Washington move from Red Clay Creek to Brandywine?
  • What are the reasons why Howe used flanking maneuver?
  • Who developed British light infantry and why?
  • What actions did Washington take on the first two intelligence reports, the next, and the final?
  • What role did artillery play in the battle?
  • What action did Greene’s Division see?
  • Name the subsequent battles of the Philadelphia Campaign.

Prior to going into the field, visitors will watch a 20 minute orientation film about the Battle of Brandywine, the Philadelphia Campaign, and 18th Century life in southeastern Pennsylvania.  There is no parking for motorcoaches on the battlefield.  The loop staff ride lasts about 1.5 hours with little stopping.  The motorcoach could stop and let participants out to view and discuss three terrains: Birmingham Friends Meetinghouse, Birmingham Hill, and Sandy Hollow.

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