Thanks to all who came out for the Sandy Hollow event. September 16 – 17: 240th anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine on Sandy Hollow battlefield. Two days of reenactments. See Brandywine 2017 for more info.

Recent Recognition:
The just published third edition of 1000 Places to See Before You Die includes Brandywine Battlefield. See it here.

“…The huge armies at Gettysburg or Brandywine and the major consequences of those battles put their place in history beyond debate….”  Jim Lighthizer, Pres, Civil War Trust, Hallowed Ground, Winter 2016

Why visit a battlefield?  It gives us a sense of who the people who lived in this place actually were and what they cared enough about to die for. History connects to the living culture – its all around us, under our feet, part of the landscape.  It is just a matter of opening our eyes and allowing it to teach.  – paraphrased from NY Times Travel, 10/12/14, page 13.

Battlefields honor those who fought and died for their ideals, their homes, and their families. It also ensures that both the tragedies of war and our nation’s hard-won advances are never forgotten.  – NPS’ American Battlefield Protection Program mission.

Battle of Brandywine

On September 11, 1777, approximately thirty thousand British and American soldiers fought in the Chadds Ford area in what is known as the Battle of the Brandywine. On that warm day, musket and cannon fire echoed over the rolling hills of the Brandywine valley and changed the landscape and views of its inhabitants for years after. This historically rich environment located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania represents many aspects of American life, especially in the 18th century. It enlightens visitors of the importance of this area in the early days of our nation’s birth and instills the ideas that we strive to preserve in todays world. Today, the Brandywine Battlefield historic site sits on 46.5 acres of the location that was the Continental encampment and offers many different programs and tours to the public in order to bolster the appreciation for historical thinking and preservation. We invite all to come to the park to learn with us about the largest land battle of the American Revolution that often goes overlooked in the history books. We offer daily tours of Washington’s Headquarters, a twenty minute film on the battle, and a trip through our museum. Battlefield tours and special programs are also available. Please follow the links on this site for further information. The Brandywine Battlefield Park Associates thank everyone for their continuing support and look forward to seeing you soon!