Summer History Camp 2022

Due to a staffing change and continued uncertainty regarding COVID-19, Summer History Camp 2022 at Brandywine Battlefield
Park is cancelled.  We plan to see you in 2023.

Grades: 1-6
Price: $250

Summer History Camp 2020

The Brandywine Battlefield’s annual Summer History Camp runs every week from June to August.  Campers will learn about life in the 18th Century and Washington’s Continental Army through various educational programs and activities.  Camp activities include 18th Century Cooking, Team Artillery (water balloon launcher), 18th Century Medicine, Capture the Flag, and more!    

Registration Forms

*Please note that the $25.00 non-refundable fee is included in the $250 overall cost. Checks should be made out in the amount of $250.00 and not $275.00. Thank you!

2020 Schedule

Please mail all SHC registrations to: P.O. Box 202, Chadds Ford, PA 19317

All questions please call 610-459-3342 or email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Dress comfortably! Hats, hiking boots, and insect repellent are all highly recommended. Please feel free to wear your own period clothing. Due to the heat and constant physical activity during camp, we recommend that all campers bring a water bottle in addition to their lunch beverage.

Each day of camp is dedicated to a different aspect of the American Revolution. On top of everyday activities such as Capture the Flag and other fun games and lessons, the camper can expect to learn about a concept of the American Revolution and participate in an activity designed to bolster each lesson. Here is a basic schedule of lessons taught:

Monday: Soldier life and dress: Campers learn about the life of an average Continental and British soldier, the gear they carried and the struggles endured.

Tuesday: Muskets and Weaponry in the Revolution**: Campers will learn about the musket and the science behind it.

Wednesday: Artillery**: Campers learn all about the big guns in the American Revolution and what it took to be a member of a cannon crew. Teamwork and other lessons are emphasized during the lesson and campers will have the opportunity to act out a role in the cannon crew using reproductions of the same tools they used back then.

Thursday:  18th Century Food: This is the day everyone loves! The Camp Director and members of the staff cook a large feast for the campers using a large (roped off) fire pit and period equipment. The feast includes food from the period and reflects exact styles of cooking and recipes. Some of the food served includes: Beef, Pork, Duck, Bubbles and Squeak, Sugared Beets, Green Beans, Fruits, Vegetables, Gingerbread, Shortbread, and of course, Ice cream that the campers will help make! Parents, this is a day you are invited to and do not want to miss! 

Friday: 18th Century Medicine: Campers will learn all about medical practices in the American Revolution by getting to see the exact tools that were used. They learn the change in technology and how old practices reflect in today’s medical world.

Campers will also receive a guided House Tour of George Washington’s Headquarters (Benjamin Ring House), take a tour in the museum to watch our film on the battle, and learn about the important art of the Blacksmith in our on site/working Blacksmith shop, on top of many other things!

**No campers will be firing muskets or cannons.**  If a musket is fired, it will be in a controlled, roped off safety area and will be conducted by a trainedcertified, and registered PHMC Black Powder Safety Officer. No cannons will be fired either as cannon firing is prohibited at Brandywine Battlefield Park. Every lesson is taught by using reproduction items and campers will be given wooden, non-firing dummy guns to play with during Capture the Flag.

Unfortunately, no.  The SHC age range of K – 6 grades denotes grades completed.

Camp takes place rain or shine! In case of rain, please send appropriate rain gear with your camper. Unless we encounter severe weather, we will spend much of rainy day weather working on projects under the camp tent, but also might venture out in the light rain.

Please drop off your camper promptly at 9 am at the visitors center parking lot. Campers should bring a bag lunch. Please make every effort to pick up your camper promptly at 1 pm. If campers are not picked up on time, a fee may be charged to compensate for the camp staff’s time. If there is an emergency situation, please contact us at (610) 459.3342 as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to assist you.

Membership can be purchased on our website through PayPal here, and in the GiftShop during open hours.

The Camp Staff thanks you!

Additional questions or inquiries can be sent to:

Jesse Wolfe- Asst. Director of Education & Museum Services “Summer Camp”

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